Congratulations … it’s your senior year!  You’re about to enter one of the most memorable years of your life.

As your senior photographer, my goal is to capture honest photos.  Photos that will tell a story…your story.  Together let’s create one of a kind images that are authentically you.

Since this is something totally new to both you & your parents, I’ll take a few minutes here to guide you through the process.


When you call to book your session, I will find out a little about you.  Where you go to school, your interests, sports etc.  I’ll review a lot of what is here when we speak and schedule a date & time for your shoot.  I will share locations I have used but certainly open to where you would like to go.


We’ll connect to confirm time & location.  I’ll be watching the weather, if it is questionable we’ll discuss options for the session


I’ll arrive a little early to get my cameras ready (I usually shoot with 3) & then the fun begins.  The session is between 1 ½ to 2 hours depending on your choices of locations.  It will be like a model shoot, fun exciting & different from the standard ‘beach picture in the sand’. (don’t worry, we can do those too but we’ll do so much more).


I will post a ‘sneak peek’ on Facebook and Instagram and send them to you so you can post as well.


You will receive your photos in an online password protected shareable gallery from which you will choose your favorites. Your gallery will be active for 3 weeks allowing ample time for making your decision. After you have made your choices, they will be emailed to you for downloading to your computer.  Photos are high-resolution images ready for submission to your school for the yearbook.  Prints, canvases & photo books are available via the gallery but are not part of the session fee.

THERE ARE DIFFERENT DEADLINES  depending on what school you attend. Find out who the contact person is for the yearbook.  It is important to know what that deadline is and let me know.




Be comfortable,  I suggest 3 different outfits.  You’ll want to wear what you normally wear but ‘kicked up a notch’.  Mix up your outfits from dressy to casual…fun stuff..what do you wear when you are with your friends & something a little more sophisticated (photo to send in with your college applications.  Not sure what you want to wear?  Bring a bunch and we can decide together.  Be sure to bring shoes that go with the different outfits you choose.

Be sure to try your outfits on the day before (or even 2 days before).  Running around gathering things just before the shoot results in you being stressed & not relaxed when you arrive.  Make sure your clothes are clean,  ironed & on hangers. If you are wearing a strapless or strappy dress or top, be sure to bring the appropriate bra that will not show in the photos. Bra straps, bralettes & bras should not be visible.  Move around in your clothes to make sure they aren’t peeking out when you move about.

Accessorize with jewelry, scarves, hats or jackets.  If weather appropriate, layering works well, offering options for different looks.

My sessions are fun | not boring.  I have a ‘senior closet’ that I am happy to share with you prior to the date of the shoot or bring along some suggestions after I know a little about you.


Feel free to add cool jackets, sweaters (even in summer)  When putting together your outfits remember that accessories are great.  Hats, jewelry, belts, scarves, headbands & boots can really pop your style.



Coloring or cutting your hair should be done a week or more before your session. Bring elastics (but not on your wrist) & a brush.

Guys a haircut, shave & a trimmed beard is a great idea!


Makeup should be who you are & what look you want. It should be moderate but not overdone. (Don’t worry about a few blemishes.  I’ll take care of those during editing).



They show!  I recommend having a manicure prior to your portrait session.  (if wearing sandals, a pedi is also suggested).



While a little color is nice, be sure not to overdo it for your session.  Tan lines are not attractive.  (If you have them, best to avoid outfits that show them).



If music relaxes you, bring it along.  Upload your favorite mix & we can ‘shoot’ to the music.



Try to get a lot of rest before your shoot.  Don’t be stressed about the photoshoot…we’re going to have a great time! Be sure to grab a bite before your session so you are not miserably hungry.



I suggest you taking a look at Pinterest and finding some photos that you like & sharing your board with me so I have an idea of what you are envisioning your photos to look like.



A parent is certainly welcome to be present at the session. A shot with Mom or Dad …sure let’s capture that moment in time.  Most important is what you are comfortable with.


So, what do you like to do? What do you love?  I love props and those that are a part of who you are.  They add so much to a photo & create your story.  Years from now you’ll enjoy looking back at these photos remembering what you were like your senior year.  Sports equipment, uniforms, trophies/medals, musical instruments, dance shoes or your car.  Are you planning on entering the military? I’ll incorporate that into your story.