PHOTOGRAPHS… projected to hit 1.3 trillion taken by the end year 2017.
Everyone takes them & treasures them!

Children tug at my heart strings.  They make me smile and give me a few minutes and I can usually “capture” their attention & convince them the session is fun and a game.

I know we all want that gorgeous perfect photo of them sitting perfectly and smiling, but is that what they’re really like?  The reality is life isn’t perfect so try and let go of those unrealistic expectations and go with the flow.  Relaxed parents yield a better experience.  Aren’t we supposed to be documenting ‘this moment in time’ to be looked back on to remind us of the way it was when ‘johnny’ was 2?

I strive to tell a story – have them be who they are.  I engage in what they are doing or what I am asking them to do.  While snapping photos, I could be talking about their favorite superhero or American Girl doll.  I;m always actively engaging them in a conversation or stimulation depending on their age.

I’m fun, silly & patient.  Do I take portraits?  For sure, but candids are the storytelling photos that will bring you back in time years down the road.

Additional pointers for your session.